Understanding the Zika Virus

The first cases of the ZIKA virus infection were noticed in Brazil When a pediatric neurologist found out about the smallness of the head among the Brazilian newborns.The increase incidence occurred mostly among Brazilian women bitten by the mosquitoes Aedes Aegyptae and Aedes Albopictus species and these pregnant women were infected by the ZIKA virus.Currently, the increased incidence of microcephaly, acute disseminated encephalitis, Guillain Barre Syndrome and other neurological diseases are increased exponentially around the world. The cases occur mostly among the newborns of pregnant women infected by the ZIKA virus.This problem make us believe that the ZIKA virus epidemic is a serious Medical and Public Health problem.

The infection occurs mostly in countries such as : Brazil.Venezuela,Barbados,Columbia,Dominican Republic,Ecuador,El Salvador,Guadeloupe,Honduras,Martinique,Mexico,Panama,Paraguay,Porto Rico,Saint Martin, Suriname,Samoa,Cape Verde, Haiti, the United States of America in States like Hawaii,Miami,Porto Rico, Texas. The Mosquitoes Aedes species are found in States like Connecticut,Pennsylvania,Missouri,Texas.

Aware of the disastrous effect this epidemic can cause to the children of the world mostly those born from pregnant women infected by the ZIKA virus as a result of the bite of mosquito Aedes in South America, Latin America and the United States of America, The Community United For Health And Prevention( CUFHAP), under the direction of Dr. Jean Francois Saint-Elme joins the world community to implement EVR:




Vaccination cannot be done without eradication. With vaccination, human will definitely develop antibody against the virus. However, there is a possibility that the virus can mutate and become resistant to the vaccine. The virus will then become more dangerous.With eradication, we will kill as many mosquitoes as we can and therefore decrease the mosquito population. If the mosquito becomes resistant to the insecticide we are using, it will be easier to find a stronger insecticide to kill them. The mosquitoes are so small, weak and fragile, any insecticide we use can kill trillions of them. By combining both eradication and vaccination, we will decrease not only the incidence of the ZIKA virus infection but also we will decrease the incidence of other mosquito borne diseases. Therefore both programs combined are the perfect choice to protect the children of the world from the ZIKA epidemic.

CUFHAP will finally study the children who survive from the ZIKA infection. We will study their behavior: knowledge,attitude, beliefs in order to find them a place in society. We will then implement epidemiological studies in order to study deeply the ZIKA virus.

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