The goal of the Community United for Health, Incorporated is to lessen the burden of Government by decreasing partially the mosquito population in the United States and abroad. By decreasing the mosquito population, we will automatically  decrease the incidence of diseases caused by the ZIKA virus infection around the world. As we already know, the Zika virus infection is transmitted mostly by mosquito bites. When a pregnant woman is infected by the ZIKA Virus, the newborn is at high risk of having microcephaly and Guillain Barre Syndrome. Recently, diseases caused by the zika virus infection to children born from mothers infected by the ZIKA virus have been named congenital zika syndrome. Every week, CDC shares with us the latest about the ZIKA Virus. The Community United For Heath and Prevention, Incorporated is happy to share this update with you. For information about signs and symptoms of Zika Virus diseases, please visit

Here is the latest reports:


Source: Pregnancy Registries as November 3, 2016

US States and DC : 1,057

US Territories: 2,357

ZIKA Virus cases reported to Arbonet

Source: Arbonet as of November 9,2016

US States ans DC:4,175

US Territories: 31,198

We will continue to provide you every week the latest about the ZIKA Virus.

What is the Community United For Health And prevention incorporated?

The Community United For Health And Prevention, incorporated  is a non-profit, tax-exempt International health care organization in which one can find Compassion, Union,Fraternity,Hope,Assistance and Pride. We are doing business as CUFHAP.


Mission: CUFHAP is dedicated to the belief that every one supposes to be in good spirit, in good faith, in good health. We intend to create an atmosphere of healthy community by creating activities that would make each neighborhood involved in order to make  each community clean, safe and healthy.

Goals: Our goals are to develop strategies to prevent the spread of the ZIKA epidemic around the world.

Philosophy: Our philosophy is to treat everyone with dignity and respect regardless of age, sex,race, ethnic background, religion, socio-economic status, disabilities and sexual orientation. We will do that by offering services to high risk behavior population in order to reduce the incidence and the spread of diseases. These services will be provided by an array of health professionals, community organizers and volunteers. We will do our best to be an asset to the community.

Author: cufhap

Founder and executive Director on the Community United For Health And Prevention (CUFHAP), I am a trained physician with a master of Public Health, a Health care in developing countries certificate and an LPN. My goals are to develop strategies to partially decrease the population of the mosquitoes vector of the ZIKA virus in order to decrease the incidence of microcephaly among the children born from mothers infected by the ZIKA virus.By doing so,we will decrease the incidence of Guillain Barre Syndrome , encephalitis and other diseases caused by mosquito bite like malaria, arboviral meningo- encephalitis caused by multiple viral agents. These arboviral diseases are classified by geographic area WNV (Western Nile Virus), Eastern and Western equine encephalitis,La Crosse encephalitis, St Louis encephalitis. To reach these goals the Community United For Health And Prevention needs the support of the people and the governments.