Mr. Jean Francois Saint-Elme just received from the Center For Disease Control(CDC) the latest updates about the Zika Virus Epidemic and he decides to share them to the people. Mosquitoes have been around since the beginning of the world and they have been causing diseases. In the Medical science, Researchers have been focusing on finding vaccine to control diseases, living alone the vectors of the diseases. If we do not target the Mosquito population, Mosquitoes will continue to multiply and will cause more damages to the human species. Good Public health will justify that controlling at least partially the Mosquito population combined with a vaccination campaign is the perfect choice to fight the mosquito borne diseases. If we control the mosquito population we will kill not only the mosquitoes vectors of the ZIKA virus infection but also other mosquito borne diseases decreasing therefore the incidence of all mosquito borne diseases. Let us share with you some other diseases besides the ZIKA virus infection caused by mosquitoes and the people will make their own conclusion. We have: Malaria,Dengue fever, la Crosse Encephalitis, Eastern and Western Equine Encephalitis, West Nile, Chikungunya to name just a few. We will live a better world if we decrease at least partially the mosquito population. We know that we will not be able to eliminate completely a living species but let us try to decrease the population of mosquitoes, these harmful insects. The Community United For Health And Prevention has already designed a project aiming at decreasing the Mosquito population. We will share it with you at a later date.
If we analyze the weekly report of the Center For disease Control, we can say that they have been doing a good job because the last week report of pregnant women with any laboratory of ZIKA virus infection remain the same while the number of cases in US territories is slowly increasing. This would mean that more needs to be done in US Territories and in Foreign Countries where the ZIKA virus is endemic.What are the advantages of controlling the ZIKA virus infection? Controlling the ZIKA virus infection will contribute to the US economy because people will be able to travel without fear and with tourism, the US economy will grow. Please join us in the fight of the ZIKA virus in the United States and in all Countries where the ZIKA virus is endemic.
Let us go back to the CDC weekly report.
Pregnant women with any Lab Evidence of ZIKA infection:
Source:Pregnancy Registries as of December 13, 2016
US States and DC:1,246
US Territories:2,701
Please compare with last week report, you will realize the these numbers remain the same
ZIKA Virus Cases ReportNET
Source: ArboNet as of December 28, 2016
US States And DC: 4,809
US Territories: 34,973
Again if you compare these numbers with last week report, you will realize that the number are increasing in both US States and US territories. We can then conclude that more needs to be done in both US States and US Territories. Please join us in the fight against the ZIKA Virus.

Author: cufhap

Founder and executive Director on the Community United For Health And Prevention (CUFHAP), I am a trained physician with a master of Public Health, a Health care in developing countries certificate and an LPN. My goals are to develop strategies to partially decrease the population of the mosquitoes vector of the ZIKA virus in order to decrease the incidence of microcephaly among the children born from mothers infected by the ZIKA virus.By doing so,we will decrease the incidence of Guillain Barre Syndrome , encephalitis and other diseases caused by mosquito bite like malaria, arboviral meningo- encephalitis caused by multiple viral agents. These arboviral diseases are classified by geographic area WNV (Western Nile Virus), Eastern and Western equine encephalitis,La Crosse encephalitis, St Louis encephalitis. To reach these goals the Community United For Health And Prevention needs the support of the people and the governments.